50 Vegetarian Capsules

Ingredients and Benefits:

No wheat – no gluten – no yeast – no dairy – no gelatine – no animal ingredients – no additives – no added sugar – no colours – no flavours – no preservatives

Magnifood Complex 350mg
kale (fresh freeze dried – organic) 100mg
blackberry fruit (fresh freeze dried – organic) 50mg
bilberry fruit (fresh freeze dried) 50mg
pumpkin seed 50mg
stabilized rice bran 50mg
beetroot juice & greens (fresh freeze dried – organic) 25mg
spinach (fresh freeze dried – organic) 25mg
calcium (as carbonate, citrate, ascorbate) 100mg
vitamin c (as ca, mg, zn ascorbate) 60mg
magnesium (as oxide, citrate, ascorbate) 50mg
vitamin e (d-alpha tocopheryl succinate – 30iu) 20mg
citrus bioflavonoids 20mg
dha (docosahexaenoic acid – vegetarian) 15mg
iron (as bisglycinate chelate* [ferrochel™] 15mg
niacin (as niacinamide) 15mg
zinc (as ascorbate) 10mg
pantothenic acid (as calcium pantothenate) 5mg
vitamin b6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride) 5mg
choline bitartrate* (vitacholine™) 5mg
inositol 5mg
vitamin b1 (as thiamin mononitrate) 3mg
vitamin b2 (riboflavin) 3mg
natural beta carotene/mixed carotenoids 2mg
copper (as gluconate) 1mg
manganese (as bisglycinate chelate* traacs™) 0.5mg
folate (as calcium l-methylfolate) 400ug
biotin (as prep.) 150ug
iodine (as potassium iodide) 100ug
selenium (as selenomethionine) 25ug
chromium (as picolinate) 20ug
vitamin d3 (vegan cholecalciferol [from lichen] – 400iu) 10ug
vitamin b12 (as methylcobalamin) 5ug
vegetarian capsule shell (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose)

* vitacholine™, ferrochel™ and traacs™ are trademarks of balchem corp. or albion labs.

No fillers, binders or other excipients

Suitable for vegetarians & vegans

Directions:  as a food supplement for adults, take 1 or 2 capsules daily with food. do not exceed stated dose unless directed by a healthcare practitioner.
Keep out of reach of children / store in a cool, dry place

This information is provided for educational purposes only. All medical conditions must be diagnosed and treated by a qualified health professional. No medical claims are made.



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