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30 Capsules

Ingredients and Benefits:

Vitamin C supplementation is beneficial in many instances as a first line defence against opportunistic infections and chronic dis-ease manifestations. However, it’s poor bio-availability and tendency to cause bowel upset at higher oral doses has limited it’s practical usability for many people.
This challenge has led to the development of liposomal formulations of Vitamin C and now LipoCure™ Liposomal Vitamin C powder, with the goal being to increase the bio-availability and ergo the efficacy/outcomes and practical usability when dosing with Vitamin C. LipoCure™ Liposomal Vitamin C was compared (in an 8 person double blind study) with regular Ascorbic Acid (placebo) with a single 150mg dose of each and LipoCure™ was shown to have 6.7x greater bio-availability.

  • 30 x 650mg capsules
  • Supplement dose: 1 capsule per day (equivalent of 2000mg regular Vit C)
  • Therapeutic dose: 3-6 capsules 3x per day
  • Always drink sufficient liquids with LipoCure™ doses (200ml minimum)

This information is provided for educational purposes only. All medical conditions must be diagnosed and treated by a qualified health professional. No medical claims are made.

3 reviews for Lipocure Liposomal Vit C

  1. Margaret Weedy

    Excellent product! – love this brand
    Used this when I had Covid and started to feel better after 24 hours, taking X2 tablets every 2 hours- helped me so much 🙌

  2. chanelle.biancheri (verified owner)

    Great affordable Liposomal Vit C.

  3. michele.minnaar (verified owner)

    Been using this for about a year to boost both kids immune systems on a daily basis & when getting sick. I think it works as well as the more expensive Liposomal vit Cs. I dont give it everyday to kids anymore, just every few days or when they seem to be fighting something/getting sick and now it can usually stop the cold in its tracks if given at first signs of infection.

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