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Since healthy living is for the long-term, we need to adopt eating strategies that are smart, not hard. They need to be delicious too – deprivation can take a hike! In our opinion, smoothies come out on top as the ultimate ‘meal in moments’. They’re quick, tasty, raw for the most part, and easy to pack with nutritious foods.

On that note, marketers love to label exotic plants as superfoods. In reality, though, all plant-based foods are pretty nutrient-dense. The strength lies in variety. When you boost your smoothie with our superfood powders, you add clout with a broad-scale supply of nutrients. That’s a whopping 50 superfoods in every sip.

So, this is your supply of quick, easy and healthy smoothie recipes that have that all-important ‘yum’ factor. You’ll find a handful of healthy treats in here too.


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