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Ingredients and Benefits:

Black Salve can be applied to check if a suspicious *lump or *growth is toxic to the body or not.  If it does not go to work drawing the toxic cells from the body, then all is well. When applied externally it will draw out any *diseased cells, and other *fungi. This amazing remedy works well, and is non-toxic.

Drawing ointments have been around for centuries.

Shelf life:
Stored in a dark place, it has a life time use.
Often over time it can dry out, then you add a small amount of purified water to make it moist again.

Black Salve uses Mother Nature’s awesome healing herbs:
Bloodroot, Galangal, Graviola and Chaparral with Zinc Chloride added to get the herbs into the problem area.
It causes reddening and perhaps short term itching and aching at the site where it is applied. Also contains DMSO for permeability

Important note 1:
Please be sure to follow the accompanying instructions carefully.  There is a helpline available for advice (

Important note 2:
It is best to prepare yourself for working with this product
(1) Be prepared to devote several weeks to the healing process;
(2) be prepared to possibly experience some pain while the drawing is underway;
(3) be prepared to see waste material being drawn up and out through the area being healed;
(4) take care not to bump the eschar (scab that forms) during this process – keep it safely covered.

Important note 3:
Spray lightly with colloidal silver to keep the area moist

Important note 4:
Black Salve is a powerful remedy so use only once every 3 days to start and then wean down to once a week.

Important note 5:
Black Salve works harmoniously and efficiently when taken in conjunction with Essiac Tea which is available in capsule form from VitaSoul.

Note: Black Salve has ingredients that tackle infected cells only and when one applies this ointment to an area.
If no itching or reaction is felt within 24 hours, then it is not diseased.  The amazing thing about this ointment is that if you apply a bit to an area of your body that IS NOT diseased, nothing will happen, BUT if you apply it to diseased cells you will find in about 24 hours a reaction, such as itching, burning and a pulling feeling

Tips for healing after using Black Salve:

Never expose a wound that is healing to the sun – keep it covered for as long as possible.
Be super careful not to damage the scab (eschar), beneath which healing takes place – e.g. cover with a breathable dressing which is changed frequently.
Raw (pure) honey helps heal. Put some on then cover. Do this 3 times a day.
Aloe Gel mixed with vitamin E oil could be used now – again put on scar and cover. Do as often as possible, and only expose to sunlight when healed.
BIO-SIL Colloidal Silver Gel is a good skin-healing aid.

This information is provided for educational purposes only. All medical conditions must be diagnosed and treated by a qualified health professional. No medical claims are made.



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