60 Vegan Capsules

Ingredients and Benefits:

When harmful fungi invade the body, they can be difficult to kill, as they can survive in the environment and re-infect the person trying to get better.  Excess fungi in the body can be due to parasites, viruses, worms, and a low immune function.

Each Fungus Eliminate capsule contains:
Burdock Root  –  a potent blood purifier helping to clean out fungus from the entire body
Red Clover  – one of the richest sources of isolflavones, aids in improved blood circulation whilst providing valuable nutrients such as calcium chromium magnesium niacin phosphorus potassium vitamins C, cleansing the liver, lymphatic system and spleen of Neurotoxins working as a powerful blood cleanser to eliminate fugus
Lemon Balm  –  destroys co-factors of viruses and candida fungus thus reducing strain on the immune system
Ginger  –  eliminates fungus and bacteria from the body
Black Walnut Hull  –   contains juglone which has considerable anti fungal activity
Thuja  –  helps combat fungus infections in the body, especially in the toe nails
Neem  –  has the ability to help clear fungus from the skin layers, especially in nails.

Pure herbs, no additives or preservatives

This information is provided for educational purposes only. All medical conditions must be diagnosed and treated by a qualified health professional. No medical claims are made.


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