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Ingredients and benefits:

Sea salt, calcium carbonate, Glycyrrhiza glabra (liquorice) root extract, Echinacea purpurea herb extract, Salvia officinalis (sage) leaf extract and oil*, Mentha spicata (spearmint) oil*, Citrus reticulata (mandarin) oil*, geraniol**, limonene**, linalool**

*Ingredients from organic farming

**Components of natural essential oils

Olgani belives that glycerine, although it is natural and valuable ingredient used in pharmaceutical and personal care preparations, in oral care products it can affect the natural process of remineralisation of tooth enamel. Glycerine applied to the teeth forms a thin barrier on their surface and thus reduces essential contact of tooth enamel with saliva. This can contribute to the formation of dental plaque and cavities. What’s more, glycerine’s sweet taste can also stimulate cravings for sugar. Free from glycerine, emulsifiers and preservatives, this product offers a natural alternative to liquid oral rinses that does not stain the teeth.

Handy for anywhere, any-time use

The powder quickly dissolves in warm water to form a solution to be used as a rinse that helps to reach parts of the mouth that may be missed by brushing alone. Daily use will help to wash away food particles and bacteria, leaving the mouth fresh and clean. We recommend keeping it with you so you can freshen and clean your mouth whenever you want.

Directions for use

Mix ½ teaspoon of Olgani Sage & Spearmint Mouth Wash in 50 ml of warm water to rinse and gargle with as part of your daily oral care routine. For use as brushing salts, apply directly to a toothbrush and brush teeth as normal. Regular use of Olgani Sage & Spearmint Mouth Wash encourages a healthy mouth and fresh breath

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