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Ingredients and Benefits:

Premium, all-natural oral care.

Each Olgani product carries Prebio care+blend seal indicating a product with a specially formulated blend of prebiotics for the support and maintenance of a strong and balanced microbial community.  Olgani Probiom products are free from Fluoride, SLS and any foaming agents, Glycerine and Sorbitol, Titanium dioxide, sweeteners, artificial preservatives, taste enhancers or any artificial additives.

Prebiotics feed Probiotics. Happy microbiota, happy you!

The Human Microbiome Project scientifically verified that robust and balanced microbiota prevents dysbiosis and supports natural functions of the body, promoting health and longevity. It was established that 29% of microbiota resides in the gut, 26% in the oral cavity, 21% on the skin, 14% in the airways, the balance in the eyes, blood and urogenital part of the body.
The oral cavity is home to hundreds of, finely tuned by nature, microorganisms that protect us from disease. They are our allies, and if looked after will help to maintain our health.
Advances in DNA sequencing has helped to identify microbes residing in the oral cavity and to understand their role in maintaining oral health.

The research shows that probiotics offer a multitude of benefits for oral health:

  • Protect from invading pathogenic microbes by competitive exclusion
  • Stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria
  • Form a biofilm of beneficial bacteria that displaces the pathogenic ones
  • Prevent cavities by supporting the immunity of the mouth
  • Produce bacteriocins that fight cavity-causing bacteria
  • Balance the pH of the mouth
  • Improve the quality of saliva
  • Prevent halitosis
  • Reduce plaque under the gum line
    Reduce inflammation and bleeding of the gums

Probiotics offer a natural defence against pathogens responsible for oral care problems.

A synergy of probiotics with botanicals and minerals allows for the elimination of harmful ingredients from oral care products, giving a strong basis for effective and 100% natural oral care. The beneficial effects of probiotics in oral care products are not restricted to the oral cavity but extend into the entire body. A balanced and robust oral microbiome has a direct impact on the gut microbiome that plays a vital role in regulating the majority of bodily functions.

This information is provided for educational purposes only. All medical conditions must be diagnosed and treated by a qualified health professional. No medical claims are made.


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