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Studies have been conducted on the turmeric and cancer connection. They reveal that turmeric can induce a process that triggers the self-destruction of cancerous and damaged body cells.  Turmeric is effective in treating cancer since it increases liver function. The liver helps to eliminate toxic substances from your body. Given its antibacterial properties, turmeric is beneficial in treating many types of cancer, most noticeably:  Breast Cancer,  Lung Cancer, Leukaemia.  Turmeric hampers the growth of cancerous cells.

Turmeric 90 vegan capsules (520 mg) – now with Piperine for added benefits.

Turmeric and Liver Diseases
The liver helps by detoxifying your blood through the production of enzymes. These enzymes break down and eliminate the toxins found your body. Taking a turmeric supplement or using turmeric recipes* increases the production of these vital enzymes, thus increasing liver function. Studies conducted revealed that enzyme production increases by 14% within fourteen days of taking turmeric.

Turmeric For Arthritis
Turmeric is something most people think of when dealing with arthritis or joint pain. Recent studies show sufferers should consider turmeric for arthritis as it is a powerful anti-oxidant. Like other anti-oxidants, turmeric works to destroy free radicals in your body which are responsible for damaging body cells.
Due to turmeric’s anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, its health benefits provide relief to those suffering from moderate to mild joint pains. Arthritis patients using turmeric found benefits such as reduced morning and evening joint pains.  It has now become a natural remedy for arthritis sufferers and provides significant pain relief, while also increasing walking speed for patients.

Turmeric as an Anti-Inflammatory
Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties don’t just help against deadly diseases. Turmeric also helps to keep your immune system strong against colds, flu and coughs

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