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50ml and 100ml

Ingredients and Benefits:

Now with more centrifuging time for an enhanced consistency, giving it a much sweeter taste and a runnier consistency.

Organic, noncarcinogenic Soil Carbons.  Naturally produced Enzymes (43 groups of probiotics) Humus Extract from virgin soil Molasses, 100% natural, 100% organic.

The 43 groups of Probiotics are extracted from the soil and placed in virgin soil within our facility, where each strain becomes dominant.  The product is then resequenced, centrifuged and bottled, using biological manufacturing processes.

Organic soil carbons (all non-carcinogenic)
Naturally produced probiotics
Groups of Bacteria: Proteolytic, Lignin Lithic, Nitrifying, Actinomycetes, Bacteria Metal, Ammonification Bacteria, Lipolytic, Thiobacillus Thiooxidans, Thiobacillus Ferrooxidans, Glycolytic Bacteria, Cheratinasi
Enzymes: Cellulase, Lipase, Protease, Phosphatase, Amylase, Chitinase
Fulvic Acid
Humic Acid
Humus extract
Black Strap Molasses

Vegan. No Fillers, artificial sweeteners, bulking agents, flow agents or artificial preservatives added.

All below-mentioned ailments have been treated successfully with Rhizo Health:

Weak immune system, Inflammatory Disorders, Auto-Immune Disorders, Arthritis, Gout, Gut Health, Infected Wounds, Respiratory Infections, Bacterial Infections, Viral Infections, Fungal Infections, Stomach Ulcers, Heartburn, Acne, Eczema.

A-symptomatic/healthy:  Ages and dosages

2 weeks to 3 months: ingest 0.5ml neat three times weekly

3 – 6 months: ingest 1ml neat three times weekly

6 – 12 months: ingest 2ml twice weekly in preferred amount of water

1 year – 2 year: ingest 2.5ml twice weekly in preferred amount of water

3 years – 13 years+: ingest 5ml twice weekly in preferred amount of water

See photo attachment for further dosing instructions.

*Rhizo is a a natural, live product –  it is not possible to control the consistency and meddling with the formula can be detrimental to the bacteria. You may find varying consistency because of that, but the product is still 100% effective.  You can try putting the bottle in some warm tap water and remember to always shake well before use.

This information is provided for educational purposes only. All medical conditions must be diagnosed and treated by a qualified health professional. No medical claims are made.


50ml, 100ml


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