Ingredients and Benefits:

Feed the Brain of Your Cells – High-grade PC and Ahiflower fatty acid complex sync perfectly to help build and repair membranes. We need this smart barrier to maintain a healthy, energy-producing environment and keep out unwanted molecules, ions, and oxidative threats.*

Support Cellular Longevity – Potentially harmful inflammatory activity – a hallmark of aging – happens within our cells, too. The powerful antioxidant effects of astaxanthin, vitamin E, and fatty acids in Membrane Mend work fluidly to help balance inflammation at a cellular level.*

Uncover Energy Potential – The mini energy factories of our cells, mitochondria, have their own biological membranes. Because these powerhouses the energy ‘currency’ used by every cell and tissue in the body, we need mitochondrial membranes to remain intact and functioning well at all times.*

Go Liposomal for Enhanced Absorption – Liposomes are nutrient carriers that boost absorption, but not all liposomes are as effective as Quicksilver Scientific.*

The Difference is Clear – QS liposomal products have a clarity that only can be achieved with liposomes that are small enough to pass between cells and enter the bloodstream, allowing for optimal bioavailability.


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