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Ingredients and benefits:

A remedy to keep with you for every time your little one falls and hurts himself. These Little Gems give immediate relief for the pain and shock of a contusion to
the skin.
– Especially indicated for a bruise type injury where the skin is not cut open or bleeding, however can
be given in all instances of trauma.
-Relieves the emotional shock of a trauma, and can calm the child.
-Aids the recovery from injury in muscles and skin, and prevents the swelling associated with
– Helps bruises to fade quickly.
Contra-indications: Not to be taken before for at least 3 days before surgery, due to blood thinning effect of Arnica .However, excellent for healing after any surgery
Dosage: Take 5 pillules 3 times a day or hourly when symptoms are acute
Ingredients: Arnica D6, 30ch, Bellis perenis 30ch, Symphytum 15ch, Hypericum 30ch

The swelling and pain of an insect sting can cause great distress. If given immediately and often, this remedy can stop the swelling and inflammatory reaction that occurs from bee stings, wasp stings and even spider bites.
-Prevents the itchy bumps from Mosquito bites during the night, and stops it becoming infected
– Prevents the spreading of endotoxins from bee/wasp or spider venom, and encourages it to clear
quickly via lymph or to the skin surface.
-Prevents infection of any bite on the skin
– Stops the swelling and inflammatory reaction of insect bites
Dosage: Take 5 Pilulles 3x a day or every 15 minutes after an insect bite.
Ingredients: Apis D30, Ledum 30ch, Silica 30ch, Hepar sulf 12ch, Lachesis 15ch, Hypericum 30ch, Gun powder 12ch, Pyrogen 30xh, Ferrum Phos 30ch, Echinacea D3

One of the main reasons for tooth pain in children is dental caries that have become infected and cause abscess in the gum. The rising pressure of the abscess can cause pain in the gums as well as the tooth. This remedy is invaluable for clearing an infection without antibiotics, as well as promoting the abscess to drain quickly and safely.
-Pain in the tooth or gum
-Swelling on the gum due to abscess
-Soothes and quickly relieves the cause of the pain.
-Any abscess/boil or carbuncle can be treated with this remedy, as it promotes a ‘head’ for an
abscess and expulsion of pus onto the easiest area of skin or gum.
Note: Please make sure you consult with your dentist about the painful tooth to prevent recurring
Dosage: take 5 pillules 3x a day, or every 15 minutes in acute conditions
Ingredients: Hepar Sulf 30ch, Silica 30ch, Hekla lava 15ch, Calc Flour 15ch

Tummy troubles can be a constant problem for some children, who will often complain of a sore tummy without any real reason. Some children with sensitive stomachs feel nauseous and crampy from over activity, and often from anxiety. Emotional disturbances to actual tummy bugs can be combatted with this remedy.
-Cramps and abdominal spasm
-Nausea and lack of appetite
-Bloating and excessive winds in the stomach
-Irritable bowel from anxiety and emotional upsets.
Dosage: 5 pillues 3x a day or every 15 minutes when needed
Ingredients: Ipecac 15ch, China off 30ch, Carbo veg 30ch, Lycopodium 30ch, Nux vomica 6ch: Ars alb 15Ch, Mag Phos 15ch, Small Intestine 9ch

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