Ingredients and benefits:

Please note: the spray lids may leak due to pressure changes which may cause them to loosen slightly.  We suggest tightening the spray lid regularly or alternatively, if you travel regularly, rather use the dropper lid.

This formula is for:

  •  Disease prevention
  •  Weak immunity

Super Strong contains:

  • Echinacea – boosts immunity, kills bacteria.
  • Astragalus – boosts immunity, aids digestion, combats fatigue.
  • Bupleurum – Chai Hu – liver cleanser, immune booster, tonic
  • Olive leaf – anti viral, anti bacterial, anti parasitic, boosts immunity.
  • Alcohol 16%, echinacea 25%, astragalus 25%, chai hu 25%, olive leaf 25%, in a base of colloidal silver, vegetable glycerin & vodka

Please note this product contains vodka and is therefore not considered Halaal.

This product comes in a dropper bottle with an optional spray lid.

1 spray = 5 drops

    • 6 to 12 months: 1 spray 3 times daily or 5 drops 3 times daily
    • 1 to 3 years: 2 sprays 3 times daily or 10 drops 3 times daily
    • 4 to 7 years: 3 sprays 3 times daily or 15 drops 3 times daily
    • 8 to 12 years: 4 sprays 3 times daily or 20 drops 3 times daily

This information is provided for educational purposes only. All medical conditions must be diagnosed and treated by a qualified health professional. No medical claims are made.

3 reviews for Super Strong

  1. Paola

    An excellent immunity boost, a couple of sprays in my toddler’s mouth when she’s a bit snotty and next day, she’s her strong and robust self. Love this.

  2. Sasha (verified owner)

    A “mini review” of the Super Strong: I really think it held one of my kid’s colds at bay recently. He had that “I think he’s getting sick” vibe, sounding congested but not snotty as such, for a few weeks but never got sick. My kids love the taste of it too.

  3. Estelle Beirowski (verified owner)

    It works so well that I’m now buying for my 18month niece as well. The product is super easy to use with fussy kids, and I’ve found that it makes a marked difference within 24hrs of a cold (in our case croup) coming on. The entire kiddies range of PHR is absolute magic in my eyes!

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