4 different remedies

Ingredients and benefits:

The homeopathic antibiotic
-Take at the start of any infection where there is redness, pus, fever and pain. This remedy has antibiotic and anti-septic properties and can prevent an infection from progressing
-Fever with sudden heat followed by a cold sweat and chills
-Red and inflamed mucous membranes in the throat and mouth, ears and chest
– Restlessness and pain
Dosage: Take 5 pillules 3 times daily, or every hour in acute cases
Ingredients: Pyrogen 30ch, Hepar Sulf 12ch, Echinacea D3, Baptisia D30, Penicillinum 30ch, Gun
Power 12ch, Ferrum Phos 30ch

Stop that irritating cough
– For harassing, irritating coughs caused by post nasal drip or upper respiratory spasm.
-Especially for coughs that get worse when lying down, or from cold air.
-Soothes an irritated throat and pharynx.
Dosage: Take 5 pillules 3 times a day or as needed
Ingredients : Aspidospema 30ch, Aralia 30ch, Dulcamara 30ch, Grindelia 30ch, Lobelia 30ch

An immunomodulator and pain reliever which can stop the progression of tonsillitis. For any sore throat, swollen tonsils, or inflammation of the throat and pharynx.
-Take at the first symptom of a sore throat to stop the progression of flu.
– Lymph drainage for chronic enlarged tonsils and swollen glands on the neck and jawline.
– Can have an immediate effect on pain if taken at first symptoms.
-Even if tonsils are removed, this remedy can still be taken for a sore throat
Dosage- Take 5 pillules 3x day. Take with Infection complex every 15 minutes for the first hour to prevent flu progression
Ingredients: Belladonna D5, Kali Bich D6, Hepar sulf D6, kali mur D6, , Merc Iodatus ruber D6, Merc
Iodatus D6, Phytolacca 12ch, Calc Phos D7:

This is a symptomatic treatment for healing mucous membranes in the nose and sinuses.
-Lessens excessive mucous production
-Stops a runny nose at the start of a viral flu or cold
-Changes thick yellow/green mucous to more watery mucous to prevent congestion of the sinuses
-Opens a blocked nose and stops swelling of the posterior nares of the nose.
A snotty nose can be a sign of viral/bacterial infection, or allergies to certain air-bourne allergins, or even food sensitivities. Please consider the FLU 2 Kit to sort out a runny nose that does not stop.
Dosage: Take 5 pillules 3x day or every hour if needed
Ingredients: Kali bich D12, Silica 7ch, Nasal mucosa 7ch, Kali mur 30ch, Kali sulf 30ch , Merc Sol D30,
Kali Iod 30ch Euphrasia D12, Allium cepa 12CH, Pulsatilla 6CH, Nat mur D6, Sabadilla 30ch

This information is provided for educational purposes only. All medical conditions must be diagnosed and treated by a qualified health professional. No medical claims are made.


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