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30 Chewable tablets

Ingredients and Benefits:

It takes dedication, support and conscious healthy habits to raise happy, healthy children. With BioKid™, you are assured of healthy tummies, for amazingly healthy children.  Probiotics play an essential role in the bodies of our little ones, right from birth, through childhood, teenage to adulthood.  As a mom or dad, looking for the best probiotic supplement for your toddler, child, or teenager, BioKid is the ultimate probiotic choice.  It delivers a healthy load of billions of good bacteria to the colon for superb gut wellness.

Amazing Innovation! Velobiotics™ globally patented technology delivers 1000x more probiotics to the stomach / gut, which means it enables a healthy load of billions of good bacteria to the gut flora for full gut-wellness … it’s never been easier.

Excellent Shelf Life:  Longer shelf-life – means that this product delivers the specified number of probiotics on the label, no matter how long it has been on the shelf.

Acid Tolerance:  These probiotics are protected from stomach acid, ensuring the survival of good bacteria through an acidic stomach (i.e. no probiotics are released in an acidic stomach environment) and deliver wellness straight to the gut.  These probiotics are only released in the alkaline environment of the gut – where they are needed most

Best Choice:  Formulated with 12 probiotic strains that are clinically proven to provide children with a large variety of good bacteria for maximum probiotic care

What else should you know about BioKid?
*Delivers 1000x more probiotics than other brands
*Gentle yet effective, suitable for one tablet a day use
*Available in 60 and 30 tablets count
*Raspberry Flavor that Kids just love

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