Ingredients and Benefits:

New Zealand honey is used as a natural ointment for wounds of all kinds. It has been hailed as a go-to germ fighter in an age of resistance to conventional antibiotics. Proponents also claim that New Zealand honey can treat other conditions from acne to sinus issues.

New Zealand honey hasn’t been used as a traditional remedy for very long. It is the product of the New Zealand scrub plant, Manuka, that gives it its name. European honey bees introduced it to the area in the early 19th century. When bees pollinate from this Manuka plant, their honey is more potent than standard honey bee honey. This is because it has a higher concentration of methylglyoxal (MGO).  MGO is the elusive ‘magic Manuka ingredient, the naturally occurring compound that makes Manuka honey so special.  MGO aka methylgloxal, is where Manuka honey get’s all its antibacterial power from.

This product has been irradiated to comply with South African Health regulations.

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