4 different remedies

Ingredients and Benefits:

Milk Stim:  This remedy stimulates milk production and helps colostrum production

Dosage: Take 5 pillules 3 times a day

Ingredients: Urtica Urens 9Ch, Agnus Castus 30ch, Sabal Serr 30ch, Asafoetida 12ch, Lac Can 30 Ch Nat Mur 15ch

Breast lumps/Mastitis: A Combination remedy for either isolated lumps or multiple lumps in the breast. This remedy is also for lactation pain, such as stitching in the nipples.   Also includes Belladonna to prevent any inflammation, redness or heat at the start of mastitis

Dosage: Take 5 pillules 3 x a day or hourly for relieving pain or mastitis

Ingredients: Conium 30ch, Phytolacca 9ch, Belladonna 200ch, Bryonia 9ch, Apis Mel 9ch

Overwhelmed and Weepy:  After giving birth, hormones are out of sync as progesterone, and estrogen may dip and rise. This can make a new mom feel emotional and overwhelmed. This is a remedy for new beginnings and for change, as well as dealing with the potential trauma of giving birth

Dosage: Take 5 pillules twice daily for the first week after the birth, then as needed for emotional support. Note: please consult your medical practitioner if symptoms of depression do not clear within the first month

Ingredients: Progesterone 4ch, Pulsatilla 200ch, Ignatia 200ch, Cocculus 30ch, Cimicifuga 200, Yellow 6ch

Haemoglobin Boost:  If there has been blood loss at the birth or not, haemoglobin levels after giving birth are usually lower than normal. Increasing iron levels by stimulating haemoglobin production could help with any fatigue during the first weeks and months of being a new mom. Iron supplements and iron enriched foods such as dark green leafy vegetables and beetroot are better absorbed with this remedy

Dosage: Take 5 pillules 3 x a day to help iron absorption

Ingredients: Ferrum Phos 30ch, Ferrum Met 30ch, Haemoglobin 5ch, Bone Marrow 7ch, China off 30ch, Red 6ch

This information is provided for educational purposes only. All medical conditions must be diagnosed and treated by a qualified health professional. No medical claims are made



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